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Of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit
Now and Ever, and Unto the Ages of Ages.
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Holy Trinity is a member of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (UGCC), which is the largest of the Eastern Catholic Churches sui juris (self governing). We are a Church of the Byzantine rite in full ecclesial communion with the Pope of Rome.

As a parish family we welcome you to our website. Please be patient as we continue to work to bring you the best site possible. You may find that some of the features are not yet fully realized (e.g. some of the social media links).

We are always happy to have guests, not only on our website, but in person as well. You are more than welcome to visit our Holy Church at any time:

 Confessions: 3:00 to 3:45 on Sat, or by appointment

Divine Liturgy: Sat. 4pm (Eng), Sun. 8:30am (Ukr) & 11am (Eng)

Recipe for success!

Let us love one another so that we may be of one mind in confessing, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit -- the Trinity, one in being and undivided.

-Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom

We're not the only ones excited about our church!

Learn what the fathers have to say

Where is the Catholic Church?

Let no one do anything of concern to the Church without the bishop. Let that be considered a valid Eucharist which is celebrated by the bishop or by one whom he ordains. Wherever the bishop appears, let the people be there; just as wherever Jesus Christ is, there is the Catholic Church.

image01Ignatius of Antioch | Letter to the Smyrneans 8:2 [A.D. 110]

Why is the Church Called Catholic?

The Church is called Catholic, then, because it extends over the whole world, from end to end of the earth, and because it teaches universally and infallibly each and every doctrine which must come to the knowledge of men...

image01Cyril of Jerusalem | Catechetical Lectures 18:23 [A.D. 350]

On the Importance of the Church

Indeed, I would not believe in the gospel myself if the authority of the Catholic Church did not move me to do so.

image01St. Augustine | Against the Letter of Mani Called 'The Foundation' 4:5 [A.D. 397]

Importance of What We Believe

Now in the Catholic Church itself we take the greatest care to hold that which has been believed everywhere, always and by all. That is truly and properly 'Catholic,' as is shown by the very force and meaning of the word, which comprehends everything almost universally.

image01St. Vincent of Lerins | The "Vincentian Canon", AD 434